I have a mild to severe case of borderline anxiety. I have common triggers like flying, crowds, and small talk, but I also have a few (a lot) that may be cause for some concern. People who are trying to lose weight often write down everything they eat to help recognize the problem, so here is my attempt to write down everything I stress about to help me see how ridiculous I am.

  • Having a barista yell, “what can I get started for you?” when I’m no where close to the front of the line
  • Having to order any place where you pick the ingredients
  • Saying  names that could be pronounced two ways (even if I know the correct way)
  • Pronouncing the words:  humiliating, tentative, entrepreneur, concierge
  • Pronouncing any words from Italian or French origin
  • Ordering food from a menu with a different language
  • Saying my own name
  • Having to record a work voice mail greeting
  • Have to record a work voice mail greeting in front of people
  • Listening to my work voice mail greeting
  • Subway stairs
  • Subway stares
  • Telling a cab driver how much change to give me back
  • Loud chewers
  • Tailgate walkers
  • Cooking raw meat
  • Washing dishes used during the cooking of raw meat
  • Being indirectly poisoned by common household products (nail polish remover, contact solution, windex, deodorant)
  • Getting 409 on my toothbrush while cleaning the bathroom
  • Drinking from a cup with leftover dish soap in it
  • Wrinkles
  • Umbrellas
  • Bags on the bed
  • Shoes on the bed
  • Touching the milk containers at Starbucks
  • Repetitive tapping
  • People who whistle while they work
  • People who sing while they work
  • Ordering food over the phone
  • Answering the door for food delivery
  • Picking a color for a manicure
  • Picking a restaurant
  • Deciding what to make for dinner
  • Making decisions
  • The sound of anything playing on computer speakers
  • Sports bars that play the commercials  during games instead of music
  • Grocery stores
  • Fruits without protective peels
  • Overnight-ing packages
  • Conference calls
  • International conference calls
  • Different time zones
  • Macy’s Herald Square
  • This sign
  • Getting hit by a bike messenger
  • The phrase “moving forward”
  • Hitting reply all
  • Emails marked urgent
  • Voice mails
  • Emails that read, “I just left you a voice mail, please call me back”
  • Bullet point lists


  1. – Everything related to Gum
    – The word Gum
    – Bobble heads
    – Figuring out the perfect halloween costume
    – Making the perfect halloween costume
    – Using “bucks” instead of “dollars”
    – Thank you notes